Areas of expertise

Preventive Law

Preventive advocacy seeks to minimize legal risks and anticipate actions with a view to reducing and preventing litigation, penalties, regulatory or legal non-compliance.

Legal Consulting

Covering areas of law related to contractual, business, corporate, consumer law, real estate and healthcare issues.

Consumer Law applied to business activities

My experience in the practice of consumer law dates back to the beginning of my professional career as an intern at the Consumer Protection Team of the General Attorneyship Office of the State of Rio de Janeiro, where I had the opportunity to participate in the preparation of educational lectures for the beginning of consumer legislation and in the conduct of administrative proceedings and preparation of public civil actions. Since then, I have been conducted many training courses and have participated in internal corporate actions to provide legal support for business related to consumer rights.

Negotiation, Contracts and Legal Strategy

Active participation in the preparation and negotiation of contracts, of lower and higher complexity, also involving relationships between companies (mergers, spinoffs, operation agreements) and regulated matters. Joint analysis with the parties of legal options for the prevention or treatment of claims.

Regulation in Supplementary Health and interface with regulatory agencies

Legal support in all stages of operations of Companies regulated by ANS - National Agency of Supplementary Health, as well as in the formalization of requests and administrative defenses in all instances.


Certified Mediator by ICFML and trained at MWI - Mediation Work Incorporated (Boston-MA,USA).

Actively participates in supporting negotiations and dealings involving companies, clients, suppliers, service providers and institutions.

Certified Mediator